Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Freezer Breakfast Burritos

I know there's  a ton of recipes out there for freezer burritos. I figured I'd share mine! My recipe makes 12 large burritos. Instead of having a line of ingredients to fill each burrito, I prefer to mix then all together and then just place one big scoop in each burrito. The batch I just photographed does not include wax paper which is an important step for freezer burritos since you can't microwave foil. You wrap the burrito in wax paper first, then in a piece of foil (this helps keep it's shape and protects it from freezer burn). I then place 4 burritos in a gallon zip lock back for extra protection against freezer burn. I also only use one pan for cooking, I cook each thing one at a time and then dump it in a large mixing bowl. Less dishes!

1 lb Ground breakfast sausage
1 package smoked sausage (12-14 Oz depending on the brand), diced
18 eggs
1 package tater tots
1 16 ox container Pico DE Gallo salsa (drain the excess juice, you only want the chunky stuff)
1 8 oz package shredded cheese
10 inch tortillas

I start with cooking the breakfast sausage and smoked sausage together then place on paper towels to drain. Next, I add a little oil to the pan and add my frozen tater tots . I cook them until they get slightly golden, breaking up the tater tots into those tiny little potato pieces they're made of. When done, add those to your large mixing bowl and the meat too. Dump the Pico DE Gallo in too. Now scramble up your 18 eggs, make sure they're cooked thoroughly.  Add the eggs and bag of cheese to the bowl too.

Now, set up your prep area. I use the previous cut foil sheets. For the perfect measurement, I use my large soup ladle, leveled off at the top. Lay down a piece of foil, a piece of wax paper, then your tortilla. Add one scoop of your breakfast fillings,  roll tightly,  then roll it in wax paper,  then the foil and you're done! Keep going until your filling is all gone. Place them in freezer bags and freeze!

I highly recommend letting your burrito defrost before microwaving for even cooking but that's not necessary. These are great to take camping! You can skip the wax paper step while assembling them. Don't bother freezing them either, or freeze but defrost first. You can put the burrito straight on your BBQ grill to heat it up!  Again,  do not use wax paper if that is how you will be heating them!


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